Our specialty is cannabis extracts and we're committed to being the best. Our lab was born out of a passion to help others as we healed ourselves. The Golden Road signifies the journey from start to the horizon beyond perfection.

We Built It to be The Best.

Golden Road Extracts owner Scotty Ouelette has long established himself as an advocate for the Maine Marijuana Community. After years of experience in the Cannabis Industry, Scotty has made his stance clear on the desire to supply the Medical Cannabis Community with clean and quality products. In 2017 he set about building a state-of-the-art extraction lab to serve Maine medical cannabis dispensaries, and today Golden Road supplies over 100 dispensaries with toll processing services, product manufacturing as well as a wide variety Golden Road-branded concentrate products.

His years of experience have helped him to create connections amongst the large community made up of Maine Cannabis growers and these connections have helped to provide him with the opportunity to educate cannabis users as well as assist with patients suffering from severe illnesses. Scotty's passion has helped him to impact a large amount of people and lead to the creation of the Upta Camp Edible Company. Upta Camp specializes in extraction services and offering a wide variety of quality edibles, concentrates, topical and tinctures.