Once your concentrate is ready to go we can fill, package and label your product at our Bowdoinham facility. It's as easy as dropping off the biomass and picking up the shelf-ready products.

Services Offered

Cart Filling

  • $2.50/cart + $1.25 filling fee
  • For distillate there is a $50 terpene fee per 100 grams

Syringe Filling

  • $1.00 for the syringe + $1.00 filling fee


  • $1.00 for Puck and Lid plus a $1.25 filling fee


  • $3.50 for puck, label, box, lid plus a $1.25 filling fee

*For specialty packaging we utilize Golden Road Packaging. To utilize this packaging we require that a pesticide, cannabionoid and terpene test be completed at customer expense. Please see this page for fees.

Let's Get Started

From Concentrate to Container

From carts to syringes to pucks to specialty packaging our facility offers the expertise and convenience to compliment our
extraction services with filling, packaging and labeling.